Sublimation Ink
Suitable for:
(SUB-1) Epson DX5 / DX7 / 5113/ 4720(3200)
(SUB-2) Kyocera KJ4B
(SUB-3) Ricoh Gen5 
(SUB-4) Konica Minolta 512i / 1024i / 1024a
(SUB-5) Seiko 1020
(SUB-6) Starfire SG 1024
(SUB-7) Panasonic
1. Suitable for coated, thin-coated and non-coated paper.
2. High color density for wider color gamut with updated ink formulation.
3. Higher yield than high end brand, sharper prints at lower cost of ownership.
1. For any package leakage made by transportation, free of charge for 1 : 1 ink replacement.
2. Environmental friendly: Strictly in compliance with RoHS and REACH standard, passed SGS.
Application: Apparel, Sport wear and swim suit, Home textile, Interior display, Flag and Banner etc.
Package: 1kg, 5kg, 20kg